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different hair styles our salon can acomplish

Why us?

Why Choose Head Hunters Over Any Other Salon?

Okay, so you’ve made it to our website. Now, you’re probably wondering what makes our salon different from everybody else's. Let us explain how we handle clients and that will give you a better idea of why Head Hunters is your best choice.

At Head Hunters, we pride ourselves on our friendly home atmosphere.

Our regular clients are very loyal customers at Head Hunters. A few of them have even moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and Maine and they continue to come visit us in Stoneham for all of their hair styling needs!

We work as a team at Head Hunters and our clients understand this immediately. They know they will be satisfied with the results they get from any one of our stylists. All of the employees here do their best to accommodate and please everyone who patronizes our salon.

Head Hunters has been at its present location since 1971 and under the same ownership since 1989.  Combined, our staff has over 100 years of experience. We continue to keep up with the latest styles with skill and great enthusiasm.

Here are a few things we promise we will not ever do.

We will not make you wait because we’re running behind schedule. We are sticklers for time.  We understand that your time is valuable and we will respect that.

We will never just stick you in a stylist chair and say, “So, do you want the same thing as last time?” We realize that you’re coming to us for advice and expert service. We will suggest new looks or colors that might enhance your appearance. It's our job to help make you beautiful, after all!

We’ll treat you as a guest, not as a number. Our clients are the only reason we’re in business.  We know this and we’ll always try to treat you like a star.

With all that in mind, isn’t it time to give us a try?

Simply give us a call at the phone number listed on the bottom of the page - or fill out the contact form on the Contact Us link above - and we will be happy to service you.

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