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A Few Things You Should Know About Waxing

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the major advantages of waxing?

1. You get immediate results. 2. Hair can be removed from large areas very quickly. 3. The cost is relatively low and client satisfaction is high! 4. Discomfort resulting from the procedure is fairly minor. 5. You are free from unwanted hair for a long period of time - and regular visits actually can reduce re-growth! 6. Re-growth is fine and soft, unlike the pricklier re-growth experienced from shaving.

Q: What kind of skin reaction can I expect from waxing?

Most clients experience a slight skin reaction when a waxing treatment is performed. It is very common to have a slight reddening of the skin.

Q: What areas can you have waxed at our salon?

Head Hunters offers waxing treatments for the following areas: brows, lips, and chin.